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Shopping process
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1, if you have gift cards in your account, you can choose to use gift cards at the way of payment. For more details, please click to view the gift card.
2. If there is a coupon in your account that meets the order, there will be a "use coupon" button on the settlement page. You click the gift coupon and click on the rules for the use of the coupon.
When you choose the coupons and click "confirm use", you can no longer cancel the coupons.
3, in the rush hour of order submission, the new order may only be displayed in my easy picking network after a period of time. If you haven't found this order in my easy net, please wait patiently.
1. Search for goods
Easy picking network provides you with a convenient and quick search function.
(1) you can search the product you want to buy by entering the keyword on the front page.
(2) you can also find the category of goods you want to purchase through the classified navigation bar of easy picking net, and find your merchandise according to classification.
(3) watch the demonstration of the search commodity

2, put the shopping cart in the details page of the goods you want to buy, click "buy", the goods will be added to your shopping cart; you can also continue to select goods in a shopping cart and settle together.
(1) in the shopping cart, the system defaults the order quantity of each commodity to one, if you want to buy multiple products, you can modify the purchase quantity.
(2) in the shopping cart, you can move the merchandise to the collection or delete it.
(3) in shopping carts, you can directly see the discount of merchandise and the name and theme of sales promotion.
(4) the shopping cart page below the merchandise is easy to pick a net according to your selection of goods for you to make recommendations, if you have your favorite goods, click "into the shopping cart" can
(1) the price of commodities will be adjusted periodically. The final price will be the order after you submit the order.
(2) it is possible to adjust the preferential policy, delivery time, and freight charge standard, and the more new information published by the website when you submit the order.

3. Select an order
(1) it is necessary to submit order and order separately.
(2) different businesses need to submit orders separately.

4, registration and landing
(1) old customers: Please enter Email address, nickname and registration password on landing page.
(2) new customers: Please complete the registration according to the prompts in the new user registration page.
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